*New* DSR Community Activities Funding available


Digital Social Research is a new phase of the ESRC e-Social Science programme, co-ordinated by the National Strategic Director for e-Social Science and the Directorate team in Oxford and Manchester. It has been set up to develop and promote the use of digital tools, techniques and practices to benefit social science research, and to maximise the adoption and impact of new digital technologies across the social science community. Digital Social Research is a broad programme and is not confined to the specific areas of academic innovation funded previously under the National Centre for e-Social Science (NCeSS).

Who can apply?

Any project where the principal investigator is based at a UK Higher Education Institute (HEI).   We aim to fund projects that advance the aims of Digital Social Research and welcome applicants from outside our existing investments.

What sort of projects can we apply for?

The National Directorate for e-Social Science, based at the Oxford e-Research Centre, has been awarded a budget for a series of targeted activities designed to broaden practice and sustain innovation in Digital Social Research.

The Digital Social Research Community Activities Funding scheme aims to provide researchers with funds to support ideas exchanges, training in digital social research tools and methods, outreach events and partnerships. The following list describes each of the three types of funds:

  • Partnerships – joint activities, including the facilitation of Social Scientists studying e-Science projects.
  • Visitors – Supports exchanges, prioritising linking across investments and mobility of ‘Research Technologists’ for whom other programmes are unsuitable, building on past programmes.
  • Training and Events – materials and support including engagements with other relevant project such as National Centre for Research Methods and Digital Economy.

Funds can be use to cover a wide variety of activities relating to the above such as: travel and subsistence for visits and speakers, and events, consulting fees for researchers to complete projects relating to one of the three activities listed above.  Travel costs covered by the grant must adhere to the standards laid out by Oxford University.  Details can be found here.

Before submitting your proposal, you are advised to read the full project aims at http://www.digitalsocialresearch.net/wordpress/about-2/project-aims.

How much can we apply for?

Funding is available of around £5000 per application. Grants are paid in arrears via invoice after projects are complete and the Directorate office at the Oxford e-Research Centre receives a satisfactory final report.

What must we show when applying?

All applications must demonstrate:

a)      How will the application support the overall aims and objectives of the Digital Social Research programme

b)     impact and relevance to the broader social science community to promote innovation in digital research tools and methods.

c)      timely outcomes and deliverables.

d)      justification of the funds requested

What will the scheme not fund?

The funding scheme will not fund salaries, equipment, indirect costs or estates.

When can we apply?

This is an open call and applications will be considered at anytime. However, we advise applying early because funds are limited. 

When must work be complete?

All projects must be completed, and claims for grant payment submitted with final reports, format to be confirmed at the point of award, by the end of August 2012. Work must be completed to a satisfactory standard before grant will be released.

How is the scheme provided?

The scheme is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council and is managed by the National Strategic Directorate for e-Social Science (NSDeSS). Applications will be assessed by the directorate based on their merits within the mandate of the Digital Social Research Programme.  All funds are distributed and managed by the University of Oxford.

DSR Community Activities Funding – 2011_2012

DSR Community Activities Application form Pdf.

Return completed applications to:

Dr. Megan Meredith-Lobay
Programme Coordinator
Digital Social Research
Oxford e-Research Centre
7 Keble Road

Tel: +44(0)1865 610744
Fax: +44(0)1865 610612