Why Hire Commercial Lawyers

Hiring a good lawyer to represent you is among the most crucial things you can do to your business, and commercial lawyers are among one of two essentials that any start-up business owners would want in their team. The other one? An accountant. If you think about it, getting yourself an accounts person is quite obvious: somebody has to take care of your taxes, your finances, control the flow of money and your assets. Why would you need a business attorney though? If you think they’re just another cash tie-downs, you’ve never been so wrong. Here’s why.

There’s an anecdote in everyday business that all people should take to heart: once you are being sued by somebody, it’s too late. Until your local law enforcement sends you a court order to show up for a legal violation, you as a business person might think that you would want to put off hiring commercial lawyers until such a time comes. That’s just wrong. Getting a good business attorney should be done before you are sued so that they can check your business moves if they have solid legal footing. Once the problem is there already, you can expect a lot of crazy things, including a mountain of professional fees, paperwork and a ton of stress.

Australia’s justice system is a bear trap and you will not love it. Once you’re clutched, it’s hard and painful to get out of it. Not only will the near bottomless amount of legal fees bury you, a number of settlements, paperwork, court proceedings and claims will give you an insane amount of restlessness.

When hiring commercial lawyers, should you pick a big one with a big name or a small start-up firm? This depends on the type of needs that you have. A big firm will have many resources at hand for you, at the cost of higher hourly rates. Small firms and solo practitioners will be cheaper than your average firm, but you are risking an issue of skills and resources. What you need to check is the reputation of the firm and the level of care that they give customers. There should be a healthy balance between resources and price, but it’s typically best to aim for the bigger law firms that have a good win history, so you can be sure that when you need them, they’ll take good care of you.

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