Tips to Prolong the Life Time of Your Car Battery

Having a maintenance free battery or a low maintenance battery means that you have to little to no work to take care of the battery itself. There are some things that you can do around the maintenance free battery to make it work for the whole time that it is designed to last for. Here are some tips that will help you get the most out of your maintenance free battery.

  • Drive the vehicle regularly

Not driving a vehicle regularly will affect the maintenance free battery charge. There are items in a car like the clock, kilometer calculator and the lights that pull power from the battery, even when the vehicle is not being used. This can drain the battery over time. If you want to maintain the battery’s charge, especially if you are not going to drive the vehicle for a long time, you need to unhook the battery from the car engine, until you start driving the car again. If you are able to drive the vehicle, try to take the vehicle out once every few days for a long drive to make sure the battery has time to recharge.

  • Avoid Draining battery

You must remember that there are items in your car that normally use the battery power, such as the clock, that can drain the battery. Try to make sure that you are only using vehicle accessories once the car engine is running, and not just using the car battery to run the accessories. Many of these accessories that you use on a regular basis will discharge the battery. Recharging a battery does not short its lifespan, unless you need to constantly recharge the battery.

  • Keep the Battery Case Clean

All batteries need to be kept clean. The dirt and dampness that happens will damage the battery case. Any damage to the battery case will cause the battery to lose its charge over time. You should check the battery every few months. Check both the case and the terminals for damage, and then clean the battery to keep it working properly.

  • Secure the Battery

This is not a huge problem with maintenance free batteries, but it is still a good idea to have the battery secured to the mounting plate. A loose battery can lead to damage to the plates inside the battery, or could lead to connectors becoming loose.

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