Why Imposing Name Tag Policy Can Improve Business

We are now living in a society where we need the other person’s name tag to identify him. In the past where most people are living in a closely-knit neighbourhood, almost all of them know each other by name.

But as communities get more and more urbanised, almost all people we encounter are strangers to us. Being alienated to one another prevents intimate conversations to flourish. And for service industries such as retailers and coffee shops, this means a gap between employees and customers that can hurt any business.

Businesses can address this growing alienation of their employees from customers by imposing a name tag policy. As you can see in some shops or other establishments, you can know who is attending you through the tags that they wear. This company policy can provide the following benefits to their customers:

Professionalism – Wearing a tag prompts a staff member to act more professional as their identity and reputation, as well as those of the company, are on the line. If the tag is part of his/her uniform, this can make his/her appearance to clients more professional.

Improved customer service – Employees wearing a badge with your identity on it are easily identifiable. Thus, when a customer is dissatisfied with a service, he/she can point out the attendant who failed to serve him/her right. On the other hand, if the employee has given outstanding service to customers, he/she can be acknowledged or awarded easily.

Loyalty – The more a customer calls an attendant by name, the friendlier your business would be. Every one of us loves to be called by his/her given or nick name. Hearing our name being mentioned in any conversation can loosen our psychological defences. If the practice of using personal identifiers in a company is enforced, it would smoothen the conversation between employees and customers and make the company more open to friendly chats. Having a friendlier atmosphere can result in more customer loyalty to your company. The name tag wearing policy can be beneficial to your business by improving the bond between employees and customers.