Life of a Plastic Surgeon

A plastic surgeon helps people by reshaping or moulding part or parts of the body. He/she helps correct birth defects like cleft lips, or correct defects cause by accident like scars. He/she helps people feel better about themselves, by helping them improve how they look. It takes a lot of patience and perseverance to overcome the intensive 10 years training to become a surgeon. He/she works to reconstruct, modify and restore not only the human body, but people’s perspective in life.

Plastic Surgeon


In order for a person to become a plastic surgeon, he/she must have a bachelor’s degree with a pre-medical major. After getting a bachelor’s degree, he/she should enroll in medical school. He/she must also do volunteer work and have good recommendations in order to raise his/her chances of getting in. He/she must also have a good score of his/her Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). He/she must then earn an Osteopathic Medicine (D.O) or Doctor of Medicine (M.D) from a medical school. He/she must complete 5 or 6 years of residency training after graduating medical school. He/she must then pass an examination to be able to start his/her practice.


Tummy tucks, nose jobs or facelifts are not the only thing that plastic surgeons do. Plastic surgeons have different duties in performing their job. In performing reconstructive surgeries, he/she may take skin grafts to help damaged skin, or use prosthetics to mimic person’s appearance. In performing cosmetic surgeries, he/she maintains, regains and enhances a person’s appearance.

He/she performs a lip and breast augmentations, liposuction, breast reduction, hair replacement, body lifts and arm tucks. In performing specialties, he/she must perform procedures that specialised in reconstructive treatment. He/she does not only restore or build the appearance, but they also help rehabilitate its function. In performing non- surgical procedures, they perform procedures that enhance outward appearance.

Skill Required

A plastic surgeon must have patience in their work. He/she must also be driven in performing his/her work. He/she should be focused on his/her work. He/she must also have good hand and eye coordination, in order to perform surgeries well.

Salary of Plastic Surgeons

A plastic surgeon in Australia may annually earn $36,000 to $300,000. And it usually depends on his/her specialty, and the difficulty of the jobs he/she has performed. He/she may also receive bonuses, ranging from $1,000 to $20,000.

Job Outlook

Through the past years, the industry’s growth has been going up. There is a 14 percent of job availability to the jobs that plastic surgeons can work on.

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