What To Expect From Polished Concrete Floors

When you say concrete flooring, this is not really something new to the ears as this is probably used for so many decades already. However, when it comes to concrete polishing, this is just starting to become popular in the last few years. You might think that we are talking about the conventional way of concrete polishing here where you will just apply layers of floor way and then buff the flooring to shine. Nope, that is not the kind of concrete polishing that we are talking about here and instead, this is the process where a kind of concrete polisher will be used and done by a pro.

Here are the things you can expect from polished concrete floors:

1. This process is economical

The result of concrete polishing that is being used with a kind of concrete grinder with diamond grinding wheels will not just simply shine your floors but they will end up looking almost like marble floors. That is right and this is not an exaggeration. This can turn any plain looking concrete floors into new and more reflective floors instead. It would be like you are dressing up your concrete flooring.

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2. This is durable

Compared to most flooring options, you can say that concrete flooring is really durable as it is said that this is about 8 times more resistant to damages. We all know that concrete flooring is actually already durable. However, when polished and applied with concrete sealer, you can just expect that it levels up its durability and resistance to common hazards like spills, bacteria and still a lot more.

3. Lower maintenance

Because of the fact that the after-result is smooth like marble flooring, maintaining the flooring will be just easy. Just like when you need to maintain glass surfaces in your place, you only need to use a damp cloth and wipe off any dirt accumulated on your flooring. You can do this on a weekly basis though. For daily maintenance, you probably just need to sweep off the dusts though this will also depend on the number of people living in your place of the traffic the flooring received every day.

4. Expect a mark and stain free flooring

This is really true and this is even the reason why not only homeowners are enticed to opt for polished floors but even businesses. The fact that even tires cannot easily leave marks on the flooring is quite comforting. Your workers can then work on other things instead of having to deal with tire marks every day.

5. Room will be more illuminated

Using polished floors will kind of brighten up your room as well. So, if your room happen to be in a spot where the sun can hardly gets in thus you just rely to artificial lighting, polished flooring should resolve that.

There are still a handful of good things that you can expect from polished concrete floors thus you should consider switching to this.