Elevated Working Platforms training and license is expected to protect you as a worker. The training process isn’t costly and sometimes you get to pay for the license only. At Emerald Training, we offer EWP training and give licenses to clients who complete their course successfully. Currently, in Australia you are not allowed to work at high risk workplace without the EWP license. Most of the jobs covered by the EWP license include construction tasks, mining areas and industrial jobs involving machinery. Every worker is expected to undergo the training to ensure they understand the hazards involved in EWP. As proof of our dedication, in ensuring all workers stay safe at their workplace, here are a few guidelines on operating EWP;

  • Ensure the EWP is in great form. You will need to test all the components to ensure they are working perfectly; try out the emergency system, the lights and confirm that it has been serviced as scheduled. You don’t want to be at risk because of ignorance and it could probably be something avoidable.
  • After confirming that everything is intact, assess the area you are going to operate in. Check for anything that could interfere with your operation or cause accidents. It could be traffic, power lines or the weather conditions. If you completed the EWP Training, this shouldn’t be a problem at all. In case you identify any hazard, you can figure out a way to fix it or avoid it.
  • It is time to set up the EWP now. This is where your skills from the training come in handy. You will have to figure out a perfect place to set up the EWP and ensure that it is stable enough to avoid causing any accidents. There is more to setting up that you will definitely learn from the EWP Training.

This is just a teaser of what we are going to teach you once you sign up to our training program. As I said earlier, EWP training is meant to protect you, therefore if you decide to operate EWP without the right skill and training, you will be putting your own life at risk. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that all employees operating at any EWP should be well trained, but here at Emerald Training we believe the responsibility should also extend to you. Why should you put your life at risk and the lives’ of your fellow employees at risk by operating what you are not trained for? Get the training and you’ll be good to go. Stay safe.