Window shutters can be used for either utility or decoration. Many people, especially the more contemporary homes of the past still utilise them to protect their homes from both the sun and home invasions. Others use them as décor to show the architecture of their home. Regardless of the intent, nobody can deny they need a lot of maintenance, especially ones that are not protected by sealants. There are a rhyme and reason to how maintenance for them is done so that they stay beautiful and useful to your home for as long as possible.

Cleaning Wooden Shutters

There are multiple varieties of the “shutter” and each of them requires different levels of cleaning. Wooden shutters typically require a vacuum cleaner, a soft brush, dusting rags and wood shines. The first thing to do is use dusting rags and wipe the major parts of the window with it so you can loosen the accumulated dirt in them. Use a small soft brush to take care of crevices that you may have missed using the rag, especially the corners of the slats and the slats themselves.

Use a vacuum cleaner to take out all the loose dirt that is in and around the windows and check for any more dust. Once all clean, spray some wood polish directly to the wood, or according to the package directions. Use another clean rag to wipe the wood with the polish, taking care of the slats and hard to reach areas. This polish can help enhance the colour and prevent dust from sticking to the wood itself. Do this once a week.

Cleaning PVC Shutters

For a vinyl or PVC shutter, use a brush to loosen up the dust on the corners of the treatment and vacuum as much of the dust out as you can. Once done, use a wet rag soaked in warm, soapy water and wipe the shutters with mild force to cut down on any stains that may have accumulated. Once down, wipe using another damp rag with clean, warm water and finish with a dry towel. This removes any build up in the material.