Car Park Line Markings

Cars are one of the most common ways of transportation nowadays. They’re versatile and private so you can do anything you want and go anywhere you want with them. But after you reach your destination, you will need to find a space to park your car. The most obvious decision would be to park it at the side of the road. This would come with some problems though, like if the road gets too tight, the space you used to park your car is impassable so it would be an issue. So it is important to know where is the proper place to park your car to avoid issues like the one mentioned earlier and other things such as accidents and parking tickets.

This is why there are huge open areas where cars are allowed to park, which are either public that is owned by the government, or private that is only for the customers of the owner of the parking lot. However, this still brings up the same issue. With a huge open area and an opportunity to park anywhere, drivers will park randomly and to their wants. After several drives park at that parking lot, with random styles or parking, it would get difficult to get in and out of the parking lot. This is why these areas are marked with different lines which indicate where drivers are supposed to park their car in order to prevent problems. These lines are called car park line marking.

line markers

• Car park line markings are the lines you would normally see at a parking lot which tells drivers where they can park without disturbing those around them. These lines are marked using paint, usually in bright colors such as white, yellow or orange. This makes sure that anytime of the day these marking can be seen.

• These are usually just vertical lines arranged at a uniform distance from each other while connecting to an elevated concrete level. These are the standard kind of car park line markings, but there are other styles of line markings which are more helpful. These include border lines a meter or two away from the other end of the vertical lines to indicate the best angle and distance to park a car.

• There are also special kinds of line markings, which show where specific kinds of vehicles and people may pass or park. These include the line markings with the disabled only sign, line markings arranged to show drivers that this parking space is only for these types of vehicle. There is also the line marking that separates different kinds of vehicles like the motorcycle, car, truck, bus and others.

• Car park line markings make sure that the parked cars are in also uniform distance away from each other, to allow even more vehicles to park and to lessen the chances of some guy parking outside the parking lot and disturbing the traffic flow of the highway road. These can also be found in the front of buildings if there is little parking space.