Amazing Things to Do in Broome

These 15 things are pretty amazing. You don’t have to do all of them, but these ones are the top things to do in Broome. Any traveler going to Broome should seek to do these things.

Camel rides on the shoreline

Long lines of camels with brilliant seat covers stroll here and there along the long extent of shoreline at dawn and dusk. The lines of camels are an astonishing sight as their shadows play against the sand as the sun sets. Unwind, relax, experience and sit tight for as long as 60 minutes.

Cable Beach

Unequivocally part of the essential things to do in Broome, this piece of shoreline is highlighted in all the visitor handouts and is presumably a standout amongst the most beautiful shorelines on the planet. Offering 22 kilometers of white sand and the most brilliant blue ocean, it simply must be seen to be believed. Local people ride their 4 x 4’s down to the shoreline at dusk, and sit out with picnics and beers to appreciate the night.

It is sensibly safe to swim here, in spite of the fact that the tides are enormous, and can rise by around 9 meters. Box jellyfish might be present on certain months. In the event that you like parasailing, then this is the spot for you.


A visit to Chinatown is an absolute necessity. You can’t miss it as it’s a key piece of town. This is the first business focal point of Broome where quite a long time ago you would have found a clamoring scene of pearl sheds, billiard cantinas, stimulation houses and Chinese eateries.

Presently you’ll see a portion of the world’s best pearl showrooms alongside bistros and shops. Each young lady needs a pearl, and here is one of the best places to get them. Pearl shopping is one of the essential things to do in Broome.

Minyirr Park

Minyirr Park is a location of social centrality to the Aboriginals. They believe that this is the place where the first Aboriginals first tread. It’s tucked behind sand ridges and here you’ll discover a few strolling trails that take you through bush land and rises.

Sun Pictures

Regardless of the possibility of not heading off to the film to see a motion picture it’s well worth halting off at Sun Pictures making it part of the essential things to do in Broome. The photo house was opened in 1916 and purportedly it’s the most established working picture garden on the planet. Here you’ll sit outside on deck seats under the light of the moon to watch a motion picture.

In the entrance, you’ll see a little exhibition hall showing motion picture memorabilia, which alongside the silver screen has withstood tornados, surges from towering tides and violent destruction amid the Second World War.

Willie Creek Pearl Farm

A voyage through a pearl homestead, a fascinating discussion about the pearling business, a ride on a vessel into the brook chasing for crocs and crisp bread with espresso. Now that is a snapshot of the Broome lifestyle.