5 Ways Your Brand Can Engage with A Gen Z Audience

No matter what business you have, millennials can help on boosting your sales and in brand awareness. However, they are also one of businesses’ biggest challenges. With their different worldview and values, it’s hard to know how to connect with them. So, to help, we listed five tips that your business needs to do to attract millennials.

Think Mobile

In a survey conducted by Ivoca, 76% of millennials perform numerous internet activities through their phone. If you don’t have a mobile-friendly website, it means that you are losing the chance to get better brand engagement and sales. In addition, websites that don’t have a mobile version are more likely to suffer in terms of ranking and bounce rate.

Website Design

Use Social Media Platforms

This one is obvious, but it is something that you’ll need to keep in mind. Whether you own a restaurant or laundry shop, make sure that you have a social media presence so it is easier for your customers to find and connect with you. Moreover, the younger generation is daily users of social networks so, there’s no better way to influence them than being on where they are.

Be Authentic

Nothing attract millennials than a creative and unique page. So, think a concept that is new to them. If you think can’t come with an idea or you think that your page is too boring, there are creative agencies and Digital Agency Brisbane you can collaborate with. The name to trust is Generation Digital.

Use Nostalgia

Whether seeing a pair of shoes from your childhood to playing Pokemon games, there are numerous cases where we feel nostalgic and just think about our younger years. For that reason, the more we need to use nostalgia in our website. Start by posting pictures of your old brand, or for companies that don’t have too much of history, you can make a video on how your product or brand evolve over the years. Younger generations are too sentimental, so this is a great strategy to catch their attention.

Make the Message Quick and In Their Language

Gen Zers don’t want to engage on a too formal company. They look for pages and website that embody their beliefs, choose their language and create fun as well. So, rather than using general marketing words, use and emojis and use the language that they speak.